Go Karting Plus ™ is a very realistic and addictive go-kart simulator game for iPhone and iPod Touch.

While playing the game you will get a very realistic go kart experience, with life-like kart handling on fun and challenging tracks.

Go Karting Plus offers an excellent karting experience .

You will race on various indoor and outdoor tracks that are based on the real life go-kart tracks from around the world.

Read more about the game features and settings below.


  • Race on 16 different track layouts based on a real life indoor and outdoor go-kart tracks.
  • Compete against 3 opponents of varying skill level.
  • Choose between 40+ different paint jobs on your kart, some are free and some you can purchase in-game.
  • Choose between three different engine sizes, the easier 200cc or the faster fast 270cc. Or an even faster 390cc on the outdoor tracks.
  • Hone your lap-times in Time Trail Mode and fight for the ranks on the leader boards available through Game Center.
  • Unlock the available achievements as you progress through the game.
  • Beat your own best lap times racing against yourself in Ghost Mode.
  • Choose between 4 different control setups.

Game Modes

  • Race Mode
    Race against three opponents in three different difficulty levels per track.
  • Time Trial
    Beat your previous track records and challenge your friends and compare yourself to other players around the world through Game Center.
  • Ghost Mode
    Race against a ghost version of yourself to beat your own best lap times on the various tracks.


There are currently 3 different control setups available.

  • Tilt steering with auto acceleration
    - Tilt your device left and right to steer the go-kart.
    - The go-karts accelerate automatically.
    - Touch and hold the lower part of the screen to brake and slow down your go-kart.
  • Tilt steering with manual acceleration & brake
    - Tilt your device left and right to steer the go-kart.
    - Touch the lower right part of the screen to accelerate.
    - Touch the lower left part of the screen to brake.
    The accelerate & brake controls can be placed on both left and right side.
  • Touch steering with auto acceleration
    - Touch the left & right side of the screen to steer the kart.
    - The go-karts accelerate automatically.
    - Touch the lower middle part of the screen to brake.
  • Reverse
    Touch and hold the brake area and when the go-kart slows down enough it will automatically switch to reverse.
  • Switching views
    Touch the upper right corner to switch between the two available camera views.
  • Rear view cam
    Touch and hold the upper center part of the screen to activate the rear view cam.
  • Pause & Race settings
    Touch the upper left corner of the screen to pause the game and access the settings available during a race.


From the main menu you can access all the available settings.

  • Game Mode selection
    Switch between the available game modes.
  • Track Options
    Choose the track you want to race on once it has been unlocked.
    Choose between the three difficulty levels C, B and A once they are unlocked.
  • Kart Options
    Select the go-kart you want to drive once they are unlocked.
    Switch between 200cc,270cc or the 390cc engine.
  • Sound Options
    Control the music and effect volumes. Mute is also available.
  • Controls
    Choose between 3 different control setups.
    Shows where the in-game controls are located.
    Toggle horizon tilt on the first person camera.
    Slider available to control steering sensitivity.
  • Manage Data
    Reset ghost lap times clears all Ghost laptimes on all tracks.
  • Game Info
    Here you can find short information about the game.
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