Press the skull and crossbones on the start screen to go to the map room.
There you can tap on the map to see the different levels you can play, tap on the log book to check out your scores, or tap on the key to see the available achievements and your progress.

Once you have entered the map you can tap on any arrow to bring up the level name and activate the play button in the lower right corner. Tap on the play button to start the level.


Tilt the device to steer Jack´s jumps and use the slider on the right side to set power of his bounce.

The hook is controlled with the button on the left side. Hold it down to hook on to lianes, chandeleers and such. Once you are hooked to something, tilt your device to swing back and forth. When you release the hook button Jack´s hook will release whatever it is attached to.


Explore the world of Bouncing Jack. There are many things to find, some are visible and some are hidden. Be careful near soldiers, swamps and traps. They can be dangerous to Jacks health!

Try to jump above or away from the danger. The hook is your friend! Learn swing from liane to liane and the Jungle will be like a walk in the park.

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Funmiller ®